Quickstart Guide


The USTA API is a Rest API that uses OAuth2 authentication. The following is a no-nonsense guide designed show you how to:

Your Bound mode (Authentication Code) client app will require at a minimum:

  • Gated landing page where logged in users will be redirected to

  • Ungated public landing page where logged out users will be redirected to


Your client app will need to either support Sign Up and Sign in if in Bound mode


Support a server-based session that logs in using USTA supplied Basic Auth credentials.

Bound Mode (Authentication Code Auth Flow)

You must exchange the authentication code for an access token.



Unbound Mode (Client Credentials Auth Flow)

Once you have successfully authenticated and retrieve a token, you can fetch some data.

You can try out Hosted Login with a working demo.


The following is a collection of commonly asked questions on how to set up your application.