To request API credentials, email a request to worldtennisnumber@usta.com 

What is it?

The USTA API provides a toolkit for accessing and contributing USTA data from properly credentialed partner applications. Client applications can retrieve player information and play history, scouting profiles, World Tennis Numbers and more. Participating vendors can create USTA player accounts on behalf of their customers and contribute play history for incorporation into World Tennis Number. New features and functionality are being constantly added.  

The API is organized around RESTful calling style that works with standard HTTP calls.  All requests should be made over SSL.  All requests and responses as well as errors are encoded in JSON. 

This document provides developers with an introduction to integrating your application with the USTA API.

For Player and Play Activity contributions, a RESTful API as well as a file-base API are supported.

How to request access to it?

To request access to the USTA API, email a request to worldtennisnumber@usta.com specifying the following information:

  • Name of the company

  • Name of the integration partner (if On Behalf Of)

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone

  • Intended Usage Description

  • URL Of Client System

  • Anticipated Call Volume/Month

All production CIDRs/IP Addresses will need to be whitelisted with USTA prior to golive.

SSO Requirements:

If you are participating in SSO, you will also need to provide the following:

  • URL of a public landing page to redirect to on Sign In

  • URL of a public landing page to redirect to after Sign out

These requirements are detailed further in the API Reference section.

What will you need?

Once approved, USTA will provide the following:

  • API Connection Credentials

Client ID and Client Secret for accessing the worldtennisnumber.usta.com API platform.  

  • Support Credentials

User ID and Password to USTA Service Desk for the purpose of entering support tickets and requesting assistance.

  • API Documentation

API Reference describing endpoints and usage of the API. 


OpenAPI Documentation