Claiming A Player Account


When a partner creates a new player account through the USTA API, it is not visible at USTA until the user claims their account. The player cannot log into or register for a tournament or program unless:

  1. The player existed before the api was called (or file submitted)

  2. The player follows the claim account process at

The process of claiming an account matches up a player by having them enter their criteria and create an identity at along with a password. Once claimed, the user can log in at

If the player would like to register for a tournament or program, the player must go to and perform ‘Find Your Account’. This link can be found at the bottom of the public landing page or at the following direct URL:

Claiming An Account

The link for ‘Find Your Account’ can be found in the footer of the landing page.

When a partner creates a USTA account, USTA will issue a USTA UAID number to the player. Enter the UAID into the USTA Number field and click the ‘Search’ button to find the account.